e = mc2
Ojective: Recall Illinois State
Common Core State Standards
(CCSS) for learning alphabet,
numbers, and math symbols for
backwards Ivy League e=mc2

When elementary students learn
the alphabet, how to count to 10,
and equal symbol they are learning
Einstein's letter and numeric
symbols for what energy is and how
it is pedagogically matched with
mass, acceleration, and speed.  

Enhance this content and context in
elementary school.  Don't wait for
secondary education and high
school to aspire your students to Ivy
League colleges.

Teachers add your backwards Ivy
League lesson to this page after
you Contact Us.

5 Stages of Writing a Lesson Plan


 The most important equation in the universe tells
you how the fabric of the Universe expands or
contracts as a function of time.

Note: 2s are exponents or exponentially caluclated

(a)2 = 8(3.14)Gp - kc2 + ^c2
      (a)            3             a2      3  
Friedman, Alexander, 1922 formula inventor.

Ethan Siegel, Senior Contributor;

So, how can this formula be applied to a students  
formative learning years like the alphabet to better
understand our existence and everlasting life IMO.
John 3:16

   Hence, backwards instruction.  
   It's called backward instruction, back planning,
backward goal setting, or backward design, and it's
used quite often in education and training.  The idea
is to start with the ultimate objective, your end goal
and then work backward from there to develop your

Or, lesson plan from the point of view of teachers
Elementary to Ivy League