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Interesting Books
Caldecott books are children's
books that have received recognition
for illustrations or artistic talents in a
book; where as,
Newbery books are
children's books that have been
recognized for the author's literacy
talents.  Visit your local library or
bookstore with your child.

Caldecott Medal for the most
distinguished American picture book for
“Wolf in the Snow, illustrated and written by
Matthew Cordell: published by Fewell and
Friends, Inc., an imprint of Macmillan.
Four Caldecott Honor Books also were named
"Big, Cat, little cat," illustrated and written by
Elisha Cooper and published by Roaring
Brook Press, a division of Holtzbrinck
Publishing; Holdings Limited Partnership: "
Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut," illustrated
by Gordon C. James, written by Derrick
Barnes, and published by Bolden, an Agate
Imprint, a Denene Millner Book, " Differnet
Pond," Illustrated by Thi Bui, written by Bao
Phi and published by Capstone Young
Readers, Capstone imprint and Grand
Canyon, " Illustrated and written by Jason
Chin, a Neal Porter Book, published by
Roaring Brook Press, a division of Holtzbrinck
Publishing Holdings Limited Partnership.

John Newbery Medal for the most
outstanding contribution to children’s literature:
"Hello, Universe' written by Erin Entrada Kelly,
is the 2018 Newbery Medal winner.  The
book is published by Grennwillow Books, and
imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.
Three Newbery Honor Books alos were
named: "Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut,'
written by Derrick Barnes, illustrated by
Gordon C James and published by Bolden, an
Agate Imprint, a Denene Millner Book, "Long
way Down," written by Jason Reynolds and
published by Atheneum, an imprint of Simon &
Schuster Children's Publishing Division,
Catillyn Dlouhy Book and "Piercing Me
Together," written by Renee Watson and
published by Bloomsbury Chilldren's Books.

Coretta Scott King Book Awards
"Piercing me Together" by Renee Watson
published by Bloomsbury Children's Books.
The following passage is about a
child who has the responsibility of
babysitting a younger sibling.  Use
this  passage to increase your child's
reading speed, fluency, and rate.

Step 1:  Be sure you have a passage or    
book at your child's reading level.            
You determined the level from the chart at
"Go Back to Where Your Child Is."
Step 2: Count out 100 words.
Step 3: Time your child for one minute.  
Let your child practice at his or her own
pace until reading 100 words per minute
(wpm). With practice wpm will increase.
Step 4:  Continue these techniques from
reading level to reading level.
Reading Level 1   Age 6   1st Grade
Amina was gone.
Jaron looked and looked for her.
"Amina!" he called.
"Amina!" Where are you?"
But Amina was not to be  found.
"Oh, boy," said Jaron.
"I have to find Amina.
What will I say to Mom and Dad?"
Then Jaron went to Kia's house.
Kia was there.
"Where is Amina?" asked Jaron.
"Is she here?
Did you see her?"
"No," said Kia.
"Isn't she with you?"
"No," said Jaron.
"I don't know where she is.
I got mad at her.
And she ran away.
Where can she be?"
Jaron ran to Inez's house.
"Inez!" he yelled.
"Did you see Amina?
I got mad at her, and she ran away.
I have to find her!"

Google: Caldecott and Newberry
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