About Us

Worldwide Literacy 1 puts theory into
practice to give you the opportunity to
help your child become a lifelong reader
and prosper.  Much research has been
done on the cause of illiteracy and the
basic reason is that children have not
mastered basic literacy skills; such as,
self-help sounding, building their sight
word vocabulary, reading with speed,
fluency and rate, developing
comprehension skills, and securing much
interesting reading at their present
reading level.

Our philosophy is that parents are the
child's first teacher. Therefore, parents
have an amazing impact on how their
children will perform as students when
they reach school age.  

As a parent, I can tell you that there is
nothing that will replace quality time that
you spend with your child.  You can yell
"till blue in the face" about why they did
not get the grade, but the truth of the
matter is you have to take on some of this
responsibility for lack of the quality time
you spend with your child, and that lack is
not necessarily of any fault of your own --
you work.

Worldwide Literacy 1 understands that
parents work full-time, therefore leaving
very little quality time for your
child.  We help you to maintain your
status as an A+ parent by providing
services for your success.

This website is dedicated in memory of
Professor Eugene Cramer (Successor Dr.
Alfred Tatum) of The University of Illinois
at Chicago who taught and inspired me to
be a reading clinician.  The Reading Clinic
was research-based.  At that time, 1990's,
research confirmed that 25 million
Americans were classified as illiterate.  
Due to Professor Cramer's efforts many
that would have been a statistic have
become lifelong readers.

The UIC Reading Clinic remains in
operation and is now run by Professor
Alfred Tatum who will help me in my
endeavor to implement CPS Reading
Clinics within the school system.