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Intergenerational Reading Center (IRC)
Location: Blackstone Chicago Public Library
4919 S. Lake Park Ave.Chgo, IL  60615
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Intergenerational Reading Center (IRC)    
Monday - Saturdays  by Appointment     
United Church of Hyde Park (UCHP)      
1448 E. 53rd St., Chicago, IL  60615
Enter NW doors and Parking is $1.25/hr - only if
neighborhood parking is not available.
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1 (773) 332-2521 or 1 (773) 675-6107
*Improve Reading Skills
*Improve Writing Skills
*Improve Math Skills
*Monitor Reading Skills
*Challenge Reading Level
*Rewarding experience
*Family and Individual
Literacy Activities
*One-on-one attention
*Claim ownership of your
reading level
*Build self-esteem
*Build your academic skills
*Build your career skills
*Build your human capital
and make yourself more


"I read 25 words in 12

"I read 100 words in 60

"My test scores are great!"

All ages are welcomed
at IRC to help and be

A quality and equitable
EDUCATION is all up to
you.  Keep your child on
reading level and using
higher order thinking skills
at IRC.

Identify yourself as a
constituent of your
legislators and have a
voice for the people,
families, teachers, and
students who are surviving
the 21st century economy.

School Reform FYI
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#winaft CTU AFT Delegation Resolution
By Patricia Ann Breckenridge, former AFT/CTU delegate, CPS Teacher,
Reading Clinician

Whereas, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Delegation will travel to the national
American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Convention in Houston, TX in 2020 to
represent CTU members, teachers, PSRPs, etc.

Whereas, AFT- CORE/Members 1st can defeat and win over enough national
delegations to become our national education leaders due to the “CHANGE”
not “EXPERIENCE” phenomena sweeping the nation as evident from Mayor
Lori Lightfoot’s victory,…/ct-met-chicago-mayor-election-day-…

Whereas, Patrica Ann Breckenridge, a “nobody” won 38,000 votes after
creating the presidential alphabet as a mnemonic device to learning 8 strands
and running for one of the 40 AFT Vice-President position (President, Vice
President, Secretary-Treasurer) on the Equal Opportunity Network (EON-
BAMN) By All Means Necessary (BAMN) Caucus national Local out of Berkeley,
CA in 2012 at Detroit Convention Center and that was more votes than the
EON-BAMN Presidential Candidate, Yvette Felarca at the time.
and Facebook,…/by-any-means-necessary-ba…/

Whereas, African American teachers have lost their jobs at an alarming rate
AFT/PC refused to write resolutions to save the African American teachers
prominent place in society as African American community economy depleted,

Whereas, CORE and Members 1st have said they will NOT run against the
AFT/Progressive Caucus (PC) even though winning the CTU Administration
and Delegation is a “CHANGE” factor to defeat current national leadership,

Whereas, CTU joins AFT/PC at every national convention even though Karen
Lewis was a wild card in 2010 to defeat AFT/ NYT- PC and win over the
majority of national delegations. CTU Delegation will not exercise their legal
right and privilege to defeat AFT/PC,…

Whereas, CTU lost privileges and bargaining rights without effective national
support from AFT/PC throughout years to decades, but CTU Delegations
throughout the years will NOT run against AFT/PC Local 2 out of New York,

Whereas, international acclaimed reading specialist Edward Fry’s Readability
graph and all readability measures and Bloom’s Higher Order Thinking Skills
(H.O.TS.) have not been implemented to address our students daily
proactively reading, retelling, and book reporting to develop life-long readers,
ownership of reading levels, forefather’s independent Americans while ruining
the love for teaching, learning, and administrating,

Whereas, African American students have been made victims of circumstance
with a myriad of impediments not intervened by scientific ownership of reading
levels while Latino students not in citizenship longevity surpass African
American students in citizenship longevity on the Achievement Gap, https:

Whereas, my fellow CTU brothers and sisters work tirelessly taking time from
home and family to instruct students not on reading level, but teachers are
evaluated on the backs of students scientifically not READY as the growth
measure is invalid and unreliable,…/What_are_the_laws_of_learning_…/amp

Whereas, PERA allows inner-city teachers to be evaluated more harshly than
statewide teachers as CHICAGO teachers have to earn 10 more points to earn
Proficient rating on a scale of 0-400 (Excellent, 400-340; Proficient, 339-285;
Developing (Needs Improvement) 284-210; Unsatisfactory, 209-100) to avoid
termination and Do Not Hire (DNH) as predominantly African American
teachers become victims of circumstance all contingent on an assessment
designed for reflection (Charlotte Danielson reflection tool
com/…/danielson-framework-criticize…/amp/ not evaluation as this is mixing
apples with oranges as underprivileged students are raised with a myriad of
impediments not to be blamed on teacher, pedagogy, and instruction as
student wasn’t READY to learn on instructional level setting a poor precedent
for other states,

Whereas, teachers teach several different instructional levels intended and
research-based for one instructional level and grade level, but AFT disregards
teacher glory and honor as Americans become literate throughout formative

Whereas, teachers teach students already researched to be incarcerated if not
meeting standards by 3rd grade without AFT/PC intervention and resolutions
to differentiated instruction so it is not too time consuming for all students to
progress as all to most American students are deprived of matching syllables
with sentences as a component to mastering reading levels,

Whereas, Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) further exacerbates
disrespect for our teaching profession and pedagogy by pitting the school
community against one another and permeating this poor and unethical
practice on the backs of students not READY around the nation as AFT/PC
takes no action - a mockery of our pedagogy and ability to effectively educate
and instruct,

Whereas, AFT/PC has defiled Ray Budde research and Al Shanker’s
advocation for teacher-led charters and allowed privatization and
administrative-led charters and predominantly African American teachers who
would have held valid research based charter-led teaching positions to be
terminated, disenfranchised, and struggling to sustain middle class socio-
economic status,…/Ray-Budde-Origins-Of-Ch…

Whereas, Eisenhower had a 90% tax rate on the rich, but AFT/PC has not
effectively advocated for higher tax rates on the rich with success or innovated
new revenue streams like investment in the nation’s most profitable industry
as winning AFT Administration will bring revenue to Local 1 CTU for our
special needs students, wrap around service, school re-openings, re-hiring of
African American teachers, etc.,…/income-tax-rates-were-90-perc…/

Whereas, Next Generation of Personal Finance (NGPF) type of resolutions,
curriculums, and investment including the markets should have been
implemented in every school system before our nation’s trillion dollar deficit
and plutocracy vs democracy overtone took effect with gross income
distribution disparity as AFT/PC has been in leadership since Al Shanker’s
founding in the 1960s,

Whereas, Chicago has had no Elected Representative School Board (ERSB)
since 1995 Amendatory Reform Act without effective decision-making,
intervention or protest from AFT/PC,…/ct-met-illinois-house-elected-chic…
Whereas, many of our brothers and sisters out of love for you and your
profession have died trying to get 4.5 legislation http://www.ilga.
gov/legislation/ilcs/fulltext.asp… revoked that took away CTU bargaining rights
and made them permissive only if CBOE/CPS mayoral controlled allowed
them while our CTU was transformed to a “company union” at the mercy of the
employer as we were forced into the 2012 strike as these same rights of the
working class are taken nationwide by the Janus landmark decision to
“unionbust” thru “Right to Work” states without union dues and financial
support for thousands of CTU Union members and millions of Union
members across the nation,

Whereas, regardless of AFT/PC funding for CTU endorsement the candidate
did not win the Mayoral election as the power of AFT/PC is diminishing and
lacking truth, principle, research-based phenomena, and CHANGE,

Whereas, AFT/PC resolutions passed at national conventions for
Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAMERS) and
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that support our military force
were not protested effectively nationally while children/students were subject
to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and separated from their
parents and caged regardless of all the man power projected for global
warming natural disasters we need to defend our country with working class,
labor, and untapped revenue streams,

Whereas, Chicago is in a revenue crisis without enough job creation leading
to gun violence and premature death. AFT can provide the revenue needed for
Illinois and CHICAGO success. during rising cost of living, economic strife,
and gun violence,…/mobile.r…/article/amp/idUSKBN1KL33I

Whereas, AFT/PC oversight and legal advice of “toxic swap” causing huge
municipal bond and investment deficits without any relief to tax municipal
financial transactions for local revenue.…/ct-chicago-
public-schools-bond-dea… bank Investments by Chicago Board of Education
(CBOE) and Chicago Public Schools CPS) was absent,

Whereas, CTU members, teachers, and PSRPs will be the catalyst of
CHANGE in America and our 3rd largest city, profession, and pedagogy
revered for “birthing” and “nurturing” literacy in America,

Whereas, there is no CHANGE in academic structure to create Ivy League
bound students implemented and resolved by AFT/PC as oppression of races
continues and ignorance of medicine, law, community leadership, and
congressional status in American society,…/e4473260-484f-11e9-bbc9-6917dce3dc…

Whereas, I, Patricia Ann Breckenridge will no longer accept the
underdevelopment of our nation’s brightest minds and passing the buck onto
the backs of innocent underperforming children/students and dedicated

Resolved, that the winning CTU Caucus in May 2019, CORE or Members 1st,
run for AFT Administration to defeat AFT/PC.
Resolved, that CTU members will not accept a Local (CTU)and State (IFT)
caucus that will not exercise their political privilege and correctness too run
against the AFT/PC national caucus slated as CTU/? Local 1 at the AFT 2020
Convention. #winaft